This is one of the best tournaments there is! Between the magnificent hotel with the beach side view, and the competitive baseball, it is truly an amazing experience.

This was my second year at the tournament. As a coach and a parent, witnessing the players grow from the experience of playing internationally has been very rewarding. The experience cannot be matched by playing other privileged citizens of the US. The players gain more respect for the game while competing against players that are not as fortunate as us, but play with tremendous pride, passion, and respect for the game of baseball, than money can buy.

Being a coach in South Florida, we see a lot of great talent, but the quality of baseball, especially the passion the players have for the game, makes this tournament second to none.”

– Michael Budwig

“We have now taken two trips from Seattle to the Dominican with International Sports Services and both experiances were more than we could have hoped for.

The accomodations, the baseball, the fields, the people, the competition…we were in Baseball Heaven! Thank you Bert, from all of our parents and players, for making us feel special and for working out every single detail…we did not have to think or worry about anything…we just played baseball and enjoyed the beauty of the Dominican Republic!

I have traveled all accross the U.S. playing baseball for the past sixteen years and this experiance is second to none!”

Doug Jessup
Washington Chiefs Baseball Club

“Just a short note to express my appreciation for all the hardwork you obviously put forth in organizing the Diamond Classic. I went into this with high expectations that it would be a life-time experience for both the kids and adults. I can honestlysay that the whole experience exceeded my optimistic expectations.”

James M. Munsey,
Sports Agent/Attorney
West Palm Beach, FL

When we first saw the flier for Team USA International tryouts we were skeptical. My son Tyler really wanted to try out, so after a weekend AAU tournament we were back at the fields an hour later to tryout. I’ve never been happier about that decision.

When we received our letter stating that Tyler had been accepted to the team, we were all excited and a little nervous. We had never been out of the country, and we were anxious about traveling to the Dominican where our Spanish skills were lacking.

Well… we had nothing to worry about as Bert and his staff had every thing all set up for us at the airport as well as the hotel. All we had to do was show up on time at the airport with our papers and Bert and his staff took care of the rest. What a great vacation not having to make reservations, worry about how to get around…

We had such a great time the first time that we ended up going with Bert two years in a row! Each time has provided us with such different experiences and wonderful memories. The cultural differences were a great teaching lesson to my son and I. After our very first game, the Dominican players sat on the dugout with our team and they tried to talk to each other. One of our parents went and bought candy bars for everyone and our kids traded baseball cards with the other team. After that game, no matter where we played, that team was always there shouting “Go USA” for our team. What a great memory, and what an awesome lesson in sportsmanship and the true love of the game.

This year, our highlight was getting to see Sammy Sosa’s house with the gold 21 on the gate and house (the same number my son has on his jersey). We will be back again next year to face the challenging playing talents of the players from the Caribbean. There is nowhere else where you can get to watch great baseball games, stay in a luxury resort, and dance the night away. Thank you Bert for providing us with lasting memories and lifelong new friendships.

– Rhonda Major